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The art and science of promoting your business - find how your mobile app can work for you


Measure your customer experience in less than 30 seconds

Your customers will tell you what they like and dislike about your business or service by giving you a rating from 0 to 10. They often provide additional hints in the comments.

Do your customers rate the experience at 9-10? If so, pay close attention to what they like about your business or service as they will spread the good word and recommend you to others. Simply: do more of what they like.

Do your customers rate the experience at 0-6? If so, read carefully their additional comments as they provide an invaluable hint on what is lacking. Simply: Fix what's broken.

Do your customers rate the experience at 7-8? If so, understand what is missing to turn them into your active promoters. The hints are in the comments provided by them.

Powerful notes

Add information to any feedback

You can add your own notes to remember when and under what circumstances feedback was provided and even include the name and title of your respondent for your own records. The only thing you cannot edit is the rating and the actual client feedback.


Automatic calculation of Net Promoter Score (NPS)©

Most reputable companies including giants like Apple, Google, Tesla, Microsoft, and smaller firms, even startups and individuals, use NPS to gauge how customers perceive their products and services, and create business improvement & growth strategies with their customers’ feedback in mind. The NPS score is important but even more so is the trend: are you gaining promoters or losing them? This simple insight is invaluable and cost effective as your customers are giving you hints on where to focus effort and resources for the greatest impact.

Customizable profile

Edit your profile according to your needs and likes

Want to use your own photo, company logo, or image you like – no problem. You or your company is undergoing rebranding – no problem. Want to change your title – no problem. The best part: all information already collected in the app stays with you.

Fast and easy to use

It's never been easier to understand how your business is doing and if your clients will help you promote it by recommending to others.


GoScoreMe mobile app allows professionals and business owners capture an answer to one question that can make or break their business ”How likely are you to recommend me to others".

  • 80% of people buy goods and services recommended to them by people they know
  • GoScoreMe Survey is quick and fun to conduct, inexpensive yet invaluable
  • GoScoreMe is applicable to any profession and any business

Large corporations spend billions of $ on measuring customer experience to promote growth and outpace competition. One of the most effective methods is NPS™ (Net Promoter Score). Costs of running programs using NPS are prohibitive for individuals and small businesses. Inability to understand what customers value and are willing to pay for is one of the leading reasons small businesses fail.

GoScoreMe puts you in the driver seat inexpensively and lets you conduct quick NPS surveys to understand if your clients are likely to recommend your business or service to others. Then, it is up to you to act on the feedback to grow and improve.

GoScoreMe uses a dashboard to show survey results including the calculation of NPS (which can range from -100 to +100) and percentages of promoters, detractors and neutrals. Comments provide additional insight into what clients value the most, what should be improved, and how to turn neutrals and detractors into promoters to help spread the good word.

Measuring Your Success

80 percent of results come from 20 percent of causes. Maximize the 20 percent causing positive outcomes and minimize the 20 percent causing negative impacts, and you will achieve incredible results.

GoScoreMe gives you the tools to understand the causes of positive and negative forces impacting your business or service. Take advantage of it.

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